The Douro is at the same time river, vine and wine. Located in the north of Portugal, the river crosses the country from the Spanish border to the city of Porto, bordering the Atlantic Ocean.

In the Delimited Region of the Douro, the climate is defined by the popular saying “nine months of winter and three of hell”. Protected from the winds by the mountains of Marão and Montemuro, the region covers 250,000 ha of schistose soils, including 44,000 hectares of vineyards producing the appellations of origin Porto and Douro.

It is the terraces, landings and the vine in height which give to the valley its unique character in the world and which are at the origin of these out of the ordinary wines.

This breathtaking landscape was revealed to the world in 2001, when the Alto Douro wine region was declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO, as a cultural, evolving and living landscape.



The Douro is the oldest delimited and regulated wine region in the world. Its creation dates back to September 10, 1756, when the Portuguese Prime Minister Marquis de Pombal established Companhia General da Agricultura das Vinhas do Alto Douro.

With this visionary measure, he was the forerunner of the “appellation of origin” as we know it today, with its three pillars: geographical delimitation, a regulatory body and a supervisory body. The goal was to be able to ensure an always optimal wine quality. This is how Porto’s appellation of origin was born, one of the most recognized and prestigious wines in the world.

In 1982 appeared the Douro appellation of origin, guaranteeing the quality of the dry wines produced in the Delimited Region of the Douro.
The Douro has thus become the only region producing wine with two appellations of origin: Douro and Porto.

Port wine can be tasted in about 120 countries and Douro wine in about 100 countries on five continents.
Today, each wine must be approved by the Institute of Douro Wines of Porto, I.P, to be able to claim the label of origin Porto and to receive the seal of guarantee affixed on the neck of each bottle.

Protecting, defending and regulating appellations of origin are the priorities of the Institute of Douro and Porto Wines, IP It also promotes these appellations internationally, guarantees their image of prestige and actively fights against fraud and counterfeits , seeking to benefit from the aura of the appellations of origin Porto and Douro.

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