Portologia.com Privacy Policy


The online store available on the portologia.com website is provided by PORTOLOGIA.

As a part of its use, the company PORTOLOGIA may be brought to collect personal informaiton about you, while respecting the applicable standards established by the General Regulations on Data Protection (GDPR).

You can contact us at any time to make an objection, request or question. Sine PORTOLOGIA is responsible for the processing of your personal data, the contact details of the internal data protection officer are as follow:

Tel :
Email : julien@portologia.com


Before browsing and using the portologia.com website, we strongly recommend that you read our Privacy Policy our Cookie Management. PORTOLOGIA reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time. We may also respond to your requests at any time if you refuse the collection of your data under the terms of our Privacy Policy. Whenever we make any changes to this Privacy Policy, we will notify it when you sign in to the site. We invite you to visit this page regularly to be aware of each change that will be made to the way your data cen be exploited.

What kind of data do we collect ?

First, the term “personal data” refers to all the information that may be used or to the identification of an individual for the purpose of contacting him online or offline. It is, therefor, possible via this information to identify you and find you. They include, but are not limited to, your last name, first name, mailing address, email address, phone number, username/password, age, gender, date of birth, habits or preferences.

No personal data about you will be collected without your consent. This collection can also be done through cookies to which you have previously consented. However, the refusal to use certain cookies may result in inaccessibilitié to certain features of the portologia.com website.

We can also, while remaining in conformity with the laws in force, use various technical means to collect and provide information on the use you make of the portologia.com site. This is called “data use”. They can be externally obtained, from Google for example or via the CMS interface on which the site is hosted (Woocommerce). This information firstly relates to the time you spent on one or more pages, which pages you visited, which pages you visited before being on the current page, as well as somme demographic data about you (age, sex…). With this informaiton, we can better understand how you navigate the site and the routing logic applied in order to readjust and further improve our services. As this data does not generally identify you, if this happens, we will immediately assimilate them as your personal data, in accordance with this Privacy Policy and Cookie Management

For what purposes ?

Here is the list of the purposes for which you have sent us data:

  • Creation of an account on portologia.com as well as its management (identification etc…);
  • Management, visualization, and freedom of action on the list of your orders and transactions;
  • Access, use of the customer relationship chat;
  • Being able to notify you of the availability of the products;
  • Manage the security of the portologia.com website;
  • Transfer of your data to third party providers providing part of our services (for example your address, last name, first name, telephone in the case of the delivery of your order);

Your personal data may, in addition to the purposes for which you provided them, also be used to provide other services or activities that are not the ones you request. For example, subscribing to a newsletter, a promotional offer or any other type of service such as these can be offered to you by means of a checkbox or a form for example. No service that requires the provisions of Article 6.

Who can have access to it ?

PORTOLOGIA undertakes not to transmit your Personal Data to a third party for commercial and direct marketing purposes, only if you have previously given your authorization explicitly (checkbox, form to be completed, etc…).

PORTOLOGIA may share your Personal data with third parties for various purposes. This share is made with companies that provide the necessary protection for the applicable regulations.

here is a list of cases in which your Personal Data may be disclosed to third parties:

  • We may use the intervention of service providers, suppliers or agents to assist us in the management of internal transaction processing at the portologia.com online store. These third parties will, of course, be required to maintain the confidentiality and the security of all your Personal Data and will have to implement the necessary measures;
  • In a transaction shared with another company, we collect Personal Data necessary for the purposes of this event. This personal data may be shared with other companies, if this is the case we will keep you informed and we will solicit your consent;
  • We may be required at any time by law to provide or disclose your Personal Data. We may also do so if we deem it necessary in order to respect your rights or ours, as well as to protect your security or to respect legal proceedings for example.
  • The personal Data held by PORTOLOGIA may be transferred in the event of a sale of its business or during a restructuring of the business, they may undergo insolvency or other similar action, where the applicable law allows.
  • We may share demographic or survey information with third parties. However, this information is shared as completely anonymous and does not include any data allowing identification. This information may be derived from the use of cookies or other similar technologies, in accordance with Article 4 of the GDPR.


Cookies management

Via the use of tracking tracers such as cookies, IP address, etc., we collect a certain amount of information concerning the type of browser, the operating system, the previously visited pages up to the current page, the landing page, the domain name of the ISP. We use all of this information to improve your experience on our site so that it as pleasant and effective as possible.

What is a Cookie ?

It is a software installed on your device allowing to fulfill some functionalities like for example to remember your preferences, to allow you to navigate between different pages with efficiency, etc.

Once your consent is obtained when the law so requires, we use cookies to analyze the use your make of our site, to understand, and finally to improve the services we offer you through the conclusions that we will have removed. Cookies allow us to increase the fluidity of your consultations and offer us a more precise survey of your browsing on our site.

The cookies we use

Among the cookies that we use, some are essential to the implementation of the basic functions of the site portologia.com. for example, the age verification and the order basket.

Other types of cookies are used to improve and optimize your navigatin on our site. Some allow to create a table of anonymous statistics allowing us to evaluate the rate of visit on our site, the most frequented pages, the routing to reach them, etc. It can also allow us to present you personalized and targeted offers on your centers of interests. There are therefore so-called “essential” cookies that cannot deactivate and are mandatory in order to accesse the site, and others that can be deactivated whenever you want.

You can disable them at any time, the procedure differs depending on your browser, here is the method for the most used:

  • For Google Chrome : In the top right corner, go to Settings > at the bottom of the page click on Advanced settings > navigate to the “Privacy & Security” section then click Content Settings > Click Cookies > In the seciton “All Cookies and Site Data” click Delete All ‘ (you can also select the ones you want to delete in specificity) > Confirm by clicking Delete All;
  • For Mozilla Firefox: Go to Options > select the Privacy and Security Panel and go to the History Section > In the Retention rules drop-down menu choose Use custom settings for history > Click Show cookies > Enter name of the user site from which you wish to delete cookies (it is possible to select more than one) > Select the cookie(s) to be deleted then click on Delete the Selected Cookie(s) / click directly on Delete all cookies. It is possible to delete cookies when deleting the history;
  • For Safari: Click Safari > Select Preferences… > Go to the Privacy Tab > Click on Delete all Website data in the Cookies and other website data field > Click on Delete;
  • For Internet Explorer: Press Alt + F at the same time, select setteings > click on History > Click Clear browsing data > Check Delete Cookies and other site and plug-in data > Click  Clear browsing data.

You have the freedom to change the use of cookies, however, the modification of certain parameters may affect your navigation on portologia.com, some services may require the use of cookies.

Cookies are kept for a maximum of 13 days as prescribed in the recommendations of the CNIL.

  • Cookies used by third parties

Some cookies on the site may be issued by external companies or organizations (social networks, Youtube, companies measuring the audience, etc.). We do not manage the processing of these, moreover, their emission and their use are subject to their privacy policies.

  • IP address

This is a number assigned to computers that identify them when they are connected to the Internet. We are likely to keep the IP addresses of the devices that visited our site in order to find a solution to technical problems, control the access of certain users, ensure the protection and security of the site, better understand how our site is used.

Finally, we may be led (or a third party exercising on our behalf) to edit and event log using the collected information which lists all the statistics concerning users’s browsing habits, the most visited pages, the duration of the visti, etc. Each infromation is treated anonymously, there is no data to identify you. these journals allow us to develop our marketing operations to learn about effective techniques and how we need to deploy our services.

Will you personal data cross borders ?

In principle, your Personal Data relates only to the PORTOLOGIA agency located in Paris and the secondary agency PORTOLOGIA Distribution located in Gonesse. Since the portologia.com website is managed by PORTOLOGIA Distribution, there is no big chance that your information will come out of the French territory. However, since PORTOLOGIA also has an agency in Portugal, it is conceivable that your information may be transferred for the purpose of archiving or creating a communication with the Portuguese shop of the site.

Your personal data is not supposed to pass to a third party company located in another country.

Retention period of your data

Unless otherwise specified,we will only keep your data as long as is strictly necessary for the purposes for which they were requested and in compliance with the applicable regulations and subject to the exercise of your right of cancellation or opposition. For example, the duration of the user account (up to unsubscription), improving your user experience, processing your order, sending a newsletter, etc.

Once this time limit is reached, your Personal Data will be deleter. It is possible however, that we archive the data beyond the originally intended limit in order to meet needs such as search, discovery, and prosecution of criminal offenses to allow the availability of this information to the judicial authority. In this case the data will have to be extracted from the online service and stored in an autonomous and secure medium.

List of your rights

You have a number of rights in accordance with the regulations on the protection of personal data: the right of access, rectification, erasure, limit of treatment, portability as well as opposition to the processing of data concerning you.

We guarantee complete transparency regarding the use, storage , and accuracy of your data. You have the baility to rectify, modify, block at any time.

In order to exercise these rights, you can send us your request by e-mail to the following address :


Either by post :

PORTOLOGIA La Maison des Porto – 42 rue Chapon, 75003 Paris.

We promise to respond within a maximum of one month from the receipt of your request. This period may be extended by two months depending on the complexity of your request or the number of requests in progress.

You can also unsubscribe to each newsletter or promotional offers you have subscribed.

Need additional information regrading the protection of personal data? Please contact us at the address mentioned above.

Security measures and complaints

PORTOLOGIA is commiteed to implementing all technical means and taking all organizational measures to ensure the confidentiality and security of the Personal Data collected on the site portologia.com to prevent them from being destroyed, damaged, distorded or that third parties do not have any authorization have access to it.

We inform you that if you consider that our Privacy Policy and the way we treat your Personal Data may constitute a violation of the applicable regulations, you have the right to bring an action with the CNIL.